Ground your practice with Ohm Fitness

Grounding, the practice of making bare skin contact with the Earth, is fundamental to our health and wellness. The earth under our feet is meant to provide us with a gentle and limitless flow of natural energy.

When we reconnect and root to Mother Earth, we gently receive a charge of free electrons and feel the effects – improved energy, better health, restful sleep, and more.

Ohm Fitness uses technology, both in our Ohm Fitness Mats and our Ohm Studio System, to combine the many benefits of yoga with the monumental wellness impact of grounding.

The profound and long-lasting impact of grounding while practicing yoga.

Experience intense prana, or inner energy, increased flexibility, and a true rooting to the Earth while at your practice. The Ohm Yoga Mat and Ohm Studio System are designed to deliver the benefits of grounding while you practice yoga, seamlessly.

Whether it is experienced outdoors or indoors, grounding calms inflammation, decreases stress and aids the healing and recovery process. When combined with the restorative practice of yoga, the health effects of each are amplified, greatly improving wellness.


Grounding brings the Earth’s natural energy into the body to be harnessed through the practice of yoga.


Grounding soothes inflammation throughout the body, helping us reach deeply into our most restorative asanas.


Grounding and yoga combine to give a powerful immuno-boost, restoring the body from injury and illness.


Grounding reduces the viscosity of our blood, aided by yogic breathing, which boosts circulation through the spine, organs and limbs.

Stress Relief

Grounding and yoga work together to regulate the release of stress hormones, bringing our bodies in balance and breaking the cycle of stress and illness.


Yoga and grounding help to reset our circadian rhythms, or internal clocks, providing deep and restful sleep long after we’ve left our practice.

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Simple and beautifully designed, the Ohm Yoga Mat grounds you from the comfort of your home, outdoors or in the studio. While doing yoga, effortlessly feel the effects of grounding to the Earth. Your prana builds, chakras open, and the body responds to the combined impact of two of the most beneficial practices for our well-being – grounding and yoga.

The Ohm Health Strap is our latest design. We built it to bring grounding to the home or office, for those moments when we are not on the Mat. The Strap delivers a potent charge of free electrons, natures original anti-oxidant.


The Ohm Studio system discreetly integrates in the studio space, providing the benefits of grounding when paired with the Ohm Yoga Mat. Ohm Fitness partners with studios to flexibly augment the experience offered to practitioners. With the Ohm Studio System, yoga studios can grow as businesses and as centers of wellness for all.

For instructors, Ohm Fitness provides the opportunity for new programming and classes based on the principles of rooting to the Earth and bringing its energy into the body while grounding.