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What is Grounding?

When you are in conductive contact with the Earth, its natural gentle energy, in the form of free electrons, enter your body and create a stable, bio-electrical environment. This is known as grounding, or earthing.  It is in this internal environment in which the body’s systems function optimally. Mother Earth is a massive, natural, anti-inflammatory battery whose electrons act as antioxidants.  In many ways, grounding to the Earth is like eating truckloads of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, for free.  Being in contact with the Earth may be as important for our well-being as sunshine, nutrients, water, and clean air – making grounding the 5th fundamental of life.

How does grounding work in the body?

Grounding affects the body in a variety of physiological ways. The gentle infusion of free electrons from the Earth normalizes cortisol (a primary stress hormone), reduces inflammation, decreases pain, and improves blood flow by decreasing blood viscosity. Studies show that the autonomic nervous system’s control of body fluids and peripheral blood flow is promoted significantly after grounding, allowing for blood to reach all parts of the body.

What are some of the health benefits of grounding?

One of the first signs that the body is responding to being grounded is a light tingling sensation in the extremities. This is a sign that circulation is improving and that oxygenated blood is moving throughout the body. Grounding resets the body’s circadian rhythm, bringing restorative rest and alertness during the daytime. Free electrons are nature’s ultimate antioxidant, so our bodies typically respond to this infusion with calmed inflammation, reduced pain and a feeling of overall wellness.

Why combine grounding and yoga?

All types of yoga have well-known restorative and wellness benefits that are complementary to those of grounding. While doing yoga, the body is aided in movement and asanas (poses) by increased flexibility, which is largely due to decreased inflammation. As we breathe deeply during yoga, our blood becomes more richly oxygenated. This oxygen-rich blood (which is also oxygen rich due to grounding) is delivered more freely to areas of the body which commanding more blood and nutrients. Decreased stress hormones and regulated blood viscosity further enhance the impact of yoga performed while grounding. As our heart rate variability improves, we become relaxed and can focus more deeply in our practice. After the practice of yoga (or any strenuous exercise), grounding is proven to decrease exercise-induced inflammation and has a profound effect on delayed onset muscle soreness.

How often should I ground?

There is no limit to how much a person can or should ground. The Earth is a limitless provider of free-electrons, and we are meant to be in constant contact with it as often as possible. As we metabolize regularly, we utilize the free electrons that we receive from grounding. Moreover, as we move through life we continually need to ground to alleviate changes in stress hormones, inflammation and deviations from homeostasis (the calm, natural state of being for the human body).

How does the Ohm Yoga Mat work?

The Ohm Yoga Mat is designed to deliver the free electrons from the Earth directly to the body when in skin contact with the Mat. It can do this in a variety of ways (and is the only product in the world with this versatility). First, when plugged into the grounding port of a wall outlet, the Mat connects to the ground through a grounded electrical system in a home or building, perfectly replicating skin contact with the Earth. Secondly, in a studio which has the Ohm Studio System, the Ohm Yoga Mat can enable grounding in a similar manner to being plugged into the outlet, but does so wirelessly in conjunction with the system. Third, the Ohm Yoga Mat can be placed right on the beach, ground or concrete to deliver the benefits of grounding with no additional accessories. Wherever you wish to use the Ohm Yoga Mat, we have designed the Mat to be flexible and versatile, allowing you to ground easily and feel the profound effects.

How will I know I am grounding successfully?

While every person is unique, grounding has some striking and consistent effects on the body. Users usually report a warm sensation in the body, usually throughout and acutely in the head and torso. At the sight of current or past injury, you may also feel a tingling sensation due to increased blood flow and blood oxygenation. A feeling of wellness and calm is also a good indicator of hormonal balance and adjustment, as well as the dissipation of discomfort and pain that may be acute or chronic in the body. Lastly, improved rest (after grounding or while grounding during sleep) is a common and noted effect of successful grounding.

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