Beautifully designed to augment your practice

A technical masterpiece, our Yoga Mat grounds you from the comfort of your home, outdoors or in the studio. While doing yoga, effortlessly feel the benefits of grounding to the Earth. Your prana builds, chakras open and the body immediately responds to the combined effects of two of the most beneficial practices for our well-being – yoga and grounding.

The Ohm Mat is carefully crafted to blend technology with function. The Mat is plush and responsive, ensuring good contact and a true rooting to the Earth. A light tack sticky grip makes deep asanas possible, while a durable design ensures effective grounding over the life of the Mat.

The Ohm Yoga Mat

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 Color: Black

Size:  72″ (183cm) x 24″ (61cm) x .2″ (5mm)

The Ohm Yoga Mat is crafted to blend technology and function, bringing the power of grounding to your practice. The Mat features a thick, 5mm cushion layer for comfort and thorough contact as you practice. Each Mat comes with a home grounding cord, a ground tester, convenient hanging grommets and a lifetime warranty.

Ohm Fitness Mat features:
– Dimensions: 24″ x 72″
– 5 mm thick construction
– closed cell construction
– Free of 16 pthalates and latex
– premium materials and metal hardware
– includes grounding cord (for home use) and outlet tester

To Clean: All Ohm Yoga Mats can be cleaned by wiping down the mat with non-alcoholic wipes. It is recommended that you do not put your Ohm Yoga Mat in the washing machine, as it can damage the materials and technology in the Mat. Do not soak or submerge in water and do not use any type of soap or harsh detergents for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat and its ability to connect to the ground.

To Store: Do not leave the mat exposed to direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place, flat or gently rolled.