Ground anywhere, anytime.

The Ohm Health Strap is designed to deliver the healing and wellness benefits of Mother Earth wherever you are. From the comfort of home or work, the Health Strap simply fastens to your wrist, ankle or foot. While wearing the Strap, you are connected directly to Mother Earth, receiving a flow of inflammation-busting free electrons, nature’s original and most potent anti-oxidant.

Our sleek Health Strap is versatile enough to be worn all day – simply plug in while stationary and reconnect to Mother Earth with ease. Grounding with the Ohm Health Strap soothes inflammation, promotes restorative rest, improves energy and supports the body’s healing.

The Ohm Health Strap

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Size:  18″ x 1″ x 1mm

The Ohm Health Strap is durably crafted to bring the healing power of grounding to the body with ease. The strap includes our standard grounding cord, and plugs into the ground port (the third hole) of any standard grounded outlet. The Strap also comes with a convenient ground tester to ensure a good connection to Mother Earth.

To Clean: The Ohm Health Strap is moisture resistant and can be wiped clean with a gentle cleaning wipe or a damp towel. Submerging the strap in water or using harsh detergents is not recommended.