Grow your business with Ohm Fitness

The Ohm Studio system, engineered to be seamless and safe, provides studios with the chance to offer grounding as an amplifier to yoga. Our system is designed to pair effortlessly with the Ohm Yoga Mat. Wireless and sleek, the Studio System brings the benefits of outdoor yoga into the studio, augmenting each experience, every class.

The Ohm Studio System is custom made for each studio, yet is easily installed and maintained. Our studio partners share in rentals of Ohm Yoga Mats and can offer Ohm grounding classes to further enhance the in-studio grounding experience.

How It Works

Transform the Studio Experience


Differentiate your studio space and elevate the practice of yoga within. Implementing the Ohm Studio System makes the studio a more deeply rooted, dynamic and healing place for yogis.


The augmented practice of yoga and the many health benefits of grounding are a captivating combination. Yogis can feel the effects in your studio, a grounded space to call their own.


Build a healthy and thriving community of yogis who understand the power of grounded yoga; develop unique grounding programming and classes, and promote an enhanced practice for all.

For Instructors

Bring the power of grounding to your home and private sessions. If you’re a passionate, innovative yoga instructor, you may be a perfect fit for the Ohm Fitness Instructor Partner Program. We’d love to hear from you if you:

  • Have 250+ hours of certification (or equivalent training)
  • Are actively growing your yoga community
  • Enjoy private practice, leading retreats, workshops and participating in community events

There are many benefits to becoming a Ohm Fitness Instructor Partner. Contact Us to learn more!